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Porn Battle VII

Hosted by [ profile] 51stcenturyfox and [ profile] cruentum/[ profile] cyus

Sexy Times!

Like the last few times, we have three themes/topics, choose one or combine them, that's up to you. We have Water (everything from pools to icecubes to plumbing goes), Oral Sex and Crossdressing

Now for some rules

1. This should relate to TW or Doctor Who in some way. Crossovers are fine!
2. It should fit in the comment box. (That's about 500 words, max.) Please put the fandom and pairing or threesome in the subject line.
Example: Torchwood, Ianto/Lisa, Water
3. If you wish to write something longer, just add a summary or snippet and link to your LJ, or reply to your first comment with extra porn. Try to keep it to two (or three or four) boxes. Reply to your Part 1 of 2 comment when posting 2 of 2.
4. WIP snippets are fine, but the story shouldn't be published earlier - the Battles are for new sexy things. :)
5. Anon commenting is turned on, in case you prefer to be anonymous, IP logging off.
6. Any ship-war sniping/negativity will be deleted.
7. Characters only, please, not RPS/RPF
8. The previous Porn Battles for inspiration: I: Frottage, II: PDA, III: AMTDI/Self-Love/SUV, IV: Edging/3-some/Drunk!Sex, V: Historical Eras, Tight Places, Real!Sex, VI: The Plass, Toys, Telepathy

Give posters a chance to edit, etc. before replying to a porn post, please. You know how that preview thing works (badly).

Any issues/queries- just message Nick ([ profile] cruentum / [ profile] cyus) or Foxy ([ profile] 51stcenturyfox ). Chat/Discussion thread is be on Foxy's LJ here


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Pornicate at Foxy's journal, [ profile] 51stcenturyfox - just click on the graphic to hop over there.

Topics are: The Plass - Toys - Telepathy

This is a discussion post, so if you have questions, feel free to ask here and write the porn over there.

Have fun, guys.


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