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Title: Int x1; Int y1; Int x2; Int y2;
Characters: Tosh
Rating: R
Length: 780 words
Summary: One and a half by two and a half, she spent too many months in there.
Notes: Written for [ profile] tw_lucky_7. Prompt: Pride.

Int x1; Int y1; Int x2; Int y2; )
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Title: That Secret Place
Pairing: Suzie/Ianto
Rating: NC-17
Length: 2900 words
Summary: Ianto was watching, like he was watching everything in the Hub. She knew because she was watching him.
Notes: Beta'd by [ profile] 51stcenturyfox and [ profile] misswinterhill.

That Secret Place )
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Title: Prince Of The Apple Towns
Pairing/Characters: Ianto Jones, Ianto Jones/OC
Rating: R
Length: 3800 words
Summary: Ianto's drifting years take him to London where he can be anyone he wants to be. The sun is shining, and Cardiff is so far away it doesn't quite exist anymore.
Notes: Written for the [ profile] lgbtfest 2009, Prompt: Ianto's job before joining Torchwood One was in a little café in one of London's "gayborhoods". Thanks to [ profile] 51stcenturyfox and [ profile] copperbadge for beta and [ profile] smirnoffmule for britpick. Loosely connected to Time Has Set Its Maggot. Title taken from a Dylan Thomas poem.

Prince Of The Apple Towns )

Fic: "It"

Apr. 2nd, 2009 08:37 am
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Title: It
Characters: Ianto, Lisa, Jack
Rating: PG
Length: 1200
Summary: Ianto saves Lisa from the rubble that was Canary Wharf and needs to save her from everything else. That leaves only Cardiff, as much as he avoids it.
Note: Prompt was [ profile] mclachlan's "Jack/Ianto. Ianto is a timelord." Focus certainly on the second part of the prompt.

For a moment, not breathing, not thinking, he didn't move, didn't open his eyes, the ground under him uneven and a little too hot. )
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Title: Time Has Set Its Maggot
Characters: Ianto Jones
Rating: PG-13
Length: 1350 words
Summary: London doesn't give a fuck about Cardiff, but it's the visits home that bring back the things you can never quite leave behind.
Notes: Loosely connected to Prince Of The Apple Towns. Thanks for the beta to [ profile] sanginmychains; title taken from a Dylan Thomas poem.

He takes a drag of the fag, the smoke like plucking flowers in winter. )
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Title: Tunguska
Fandom: X-Files/Torchwood crossover
Characters: Alex Krycek, Jack Harkness
Setting: X-Files: 5x13-Patient X / Torchwood: Pre-Series
Rating: R
Length: 7200
Summary: 1998, Tunguska. Curiosity killed the cat.
Notes: Thank you to [ profile] sanginmychains for the beta, [ profile] rm for research assistance and [ profile] malow for the Russian.

'Tunguska' )
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Title: Qalabani (Contents of the Drawer 1/12)
Characters/Pairing: OC, Jack Harkness
Rating: PG-13 for violence, implied sex
Category/Setting: Gen/Pre-Series
Length: 1800
Notes: Contents of the Drawer 1/12, prompt: "Seconds. Truth."

1. An iron spur, worn, specks of dirt still clinging to one of the joints.

The tread of the horses is soft, a thump-thumping that feels like the most natural rhythm. There's the cry of far off birds and the hushed whispers of his men among themselves. Cramer straightens, shifts the lance along his body. He squints into the night but the land lies still before them. An animal streaks in the distance, its eyes a warning glint with the moon's reflection. Cold air seeps into his bones. His horse neighs, shakes its head as it dances out of formation and he catches the reins a little tighter to force it back into the rank.

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