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Mar. 15th, 2011 04:51 pm
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I made an offer mostly because I actually managed to not flake out on it for the Haiti effort and wrote this there, so I'm fairly confident I can actually deliver on this.

Fandoms: BBC Merlin, BBC Merlin RPF, SPN RPF, Camelot
1 fic, 2k+
Starting bid: 5 USD

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There are a lot of amazing fanvideos out there, a lot of vidders who do great and original and inspiring work, so it seems a little mean to single out vids to rec. But among all the vids that are out there, it's, I think, these four that resonate the most with me and showcase what I get from Torchwood, what I see when I watch the show and and subsequently what I write about. There's been a lot of talk about what Torchwood is and isn't for people recently (and in the wake of Children Of Earth)... Well, below is what Torchwood has always been for me and the angle I've watched the show from.

All of these have been recced on Torchwood House, partly by me, so they're hardly new, but I've just recently rewatched them and just wanted to show them around again because all four of them are great pieces of music/lyrics/clip editing that are so worth the minutes you need to watch them.

K├╝bler-Ross's Fifth by Currie Jean )

This Is The Way The World Ended by Currie Jean )

Suicide Note by Analeian )

Affirmation by Butterflycell )
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I'm a fan of the Torchwood tie-in novels. They're not perfect or genius, but they offer interesting twists and interpretations of the television canon. As such I've always been slightly disappointed that the only bookevents I remember off-hand being explicitely referenced in any fanfiction are the storyline of "Almost Perfect" and a bit of naked invisible Ianto.

That's why I decided to run [livejournal.com profile] retconbookwrite: a Torchwood tie-in novel fic exchange. You can read the rules here and sign-ups are open until June 5th (go here to sign up). If you'd like to write fic based on book events, do consider signing up. It would be cool to see you there.
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I put my name down for the Lightning Round in the [livejournal.com profile] help_haiti community. I figured I'd put this here as well as in my regular LJ.

Comment with details is here.

If my stuff is not quite your thing, do scroll through the other comments on that post and the ones on the regular auction posts. You'll probably find writers you'll want fiction from, or other random things that sound awesomely cool.
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1. A few of my stories have been nominated for the Children of Time Awards. A belated thankyou for the nominations. Take a look around the nominations in the categories, read a few stories, discover new authors or stories by authors you haven't read before.

2. A story of mine has been nominated for the multi-fandom, judged fan works [livejournal.com profile] wicked_awards awards. Again, thank you to the person who nominated in the open nomination process.

3. I did put my name forth for the Anonymous Writing Feedback Meme, and if someone is inclined to leave anonymous concrit, crit or feedback of some kind that they'd hesitate to put forward directly to me, please, do go ahead. As it stands, feel free to leave it with me in some other shape or form on this LJ or by some means of private conversation or, in fact, on specific stories. Or, alternatively, carry on.


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