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Title: All The King's Men
Pairing: Arthur/Merlin/Gwaine
Rating: NC-17
Length: 3000 words
Summary: Faced with new challenges and responsibilities, King Arthur finds himself lost for words. Merlin tries to help, but it's Gwaine's reassurances that bring the three of them together.
Notes: Originally intended to be a short comment fic at [ profile] hermette's Knob fest but then it grew a bit too much for that (no pun intended). Thanks to [ profile] marguerite_26 for the beta and [ profile] sheswatching for the final bits and pieces.

The wind splattered the rain against the coloured panes, pale moonlight turning his chambers light grey. After waking, every time, Arthur had one moment of respite, one moment of the quiet unfurling of limbs and stretching out, until the weight of the kingdom settled back in his bones and thrummed to nagging life in the back of his skull. It was the middle of the night, and his bed was cold. The day had been long and ended badly, a few decisions necessitating extended talks and backtracking on his part, looking like an incompetent fool still throwing toys about the room, being reminded he was talking about people's lives as if he'd ever forgotten. He'd stood shame-faced, flushed, humiliated, fixing his mistakes as best he could with gritted teeth.

He'd stumbled in after and Merlin had just raised an eyebrow at him, ready to scold or nag or make a comment of some kind and Arthur had snapped, called him an idiot right off the bat for waiting up like a dumb dog, and when Merlin had bristled, face hardening and just watched him shove his boots into a corner, arms crossed in front of his chest, smile disappearing to nowhere, then- well, Arthur wasn't surprised Merlin had slipped out that night. It didn't happen often but often enough, maybe.

Arthur stared at the ceiling, fingers clenched into the sheets, willing a do-over for the night, but his thoughts kept going back to Merlin. He crawled off the bed and grabbed his coat, pulled it on over his nightclothes, then slid into his boots, and dared the guards to say anything about the state of clothes or his bed-messed self. The moon followed him through the corridors, past the nods and curtsies of those scurrying about in the dead of the night. Laughter sounded from somewhere, the dull thuds of scuffle that resolved with a few shouts and assurances.

Percival was still up, shining his boots outside his rooms, and nodded to Arthur when he passed by. His lips quirked up into a smile, and Arthur dared him to say something about the way the thin night clothes clung to his body and his hair fell into his eyes, but the fool had sense enough to keep his thoughts to himself and let Arthur pass freely. Merlin wasn't out playing cards with Leon and Elyan at the other end of the corridor, but then he hadn't really expected him to either, not that night.

Arthur thought to just storm into the room when he stood outside Gwaine's door, play the night out into bluster; part of him was still spoiling for the fight, but he rapped a brief knock then pushed the door open and slipped inside.

Merlin was on his knees between Gwaine's spread legs, lips fastened to his balls, the sounds wet and loud in the room even over the whoosh of air from the closing door, over the soft thud of Arthur's body against the wood. Gwaine spread his legs a little wider and leaned back on the chair. His cock rubbed across Merlin's cheek every time Merlin pressed in closer and sucked more of Gwaine's balls into his mouth, fingers curling into the fabric of Gwaine's trousers.

"You're an ass," Gwaine said, not looking up from his thumb rubbing along the top of Merlin's ear. "Your highness," he added, deprecatingly, and glanced sidelong to Arthur then back down to Merlin, giving no indication that Arthur's presence in his room was in the least disconcerting. Arthur had never been here, only imagined it often enough, imagined Merlin here often enough.

Merlin had his eyes closed, spit coating his lips and chin. He rocked against the hand he had pressed to his crotch, moaning around Gwaine's balls as if he was feasting on the most delicious meat. Gwaine closed his fingers around his cock, and stroked two, three times, before he let it brush back against Merlin's face with a wet slap, his cock head smearing across his eyelid and eyebrow, coating Merlin's skin with glistening precome.

"Come here already," Gwaine said, pressing Merlin's face into his crotch when Merlin made to raise his head and look up. "Come here," he repeated, and Arthur pushed off the door and crossed the room to Gwaine's chair.

He could smell the sex coming from the pair of them.

He could still back out now and leave Merlin to his fuck like he'd had other nights, let him drag himself back to Arthur's bed in the morning sore and fucked out and satisfied, letting Arthur know exactly what he'd been missing out on when he'd been too busy getting lost inside his own head. But then Merlin moaned and Gwaine's fingers closed around Arthur's wrist, pulling him until he was pressed to Gwaine's side.

Gwaine pulled Merlin off his crotch by his hair. Merlin's eyes fluttered open, dazed and wide and his face smeared with his own spit and Gwaine's wetness.

"Hm?" Gwaine said, brushing his thumb along the side of Merlin's head, then pulled him forward towards Arthur. Merlin's face smooshed into the crease of Arthur's thigh, and he rubbed his nose and mouth over Arthur's sleep trousers, spreading the dampness from his skin to cloth until the fabric was clinging to Arthur's thighs.

"Surprised you came to your senses this time," Gwaine said. He tugged at Arthur's trousers, pulled them past Merlin's face, until they were halfway down Arthur's thigh. Arthur's cock, half-hard, poking out from blond curls and bent up a little from his balls, was not even half of Gwaine's length which lay hot and hard and heavy in Gwaine's hand.

Gwaine palmed Arthur's groin, slipping his fingers beneath Arthur's balls and curling his thumb tight over Arthur's cock. He tugged the handful a few times, Arthur's cock riding against his palm, until Arthur had to hold on to the back of Gwaine's chair to keep himself from thrusting into the delicious pressure and warmth. Gwaine let Arthur's balls slip out of his grip and Merlin's mouth was there a heartbeat later, lips suckling on the loose skin of his sack, the sharp pull at some of the hair that made Arthur's hand fly to Merlin's head but Merlin didn't let up.

"He talks about your cock," Gwaine said and jerked Arthur with thumb and two fingers, working his small dick until it was hard. He swiped his thumb over the exposed head and just chuckled when Arthur moaned. "He loves kneeling for you, just keeping your cock in his mouth, keeping you cozy and warm. It fits so nicely, he says. He'd be there all the time if you'd let him, just suckling you."

Merlin moaned around Arthur's balls, an edge of teeth, and Arthur tightened his fingers in Merlin's hair and ground down against his face, relishing the wet sounds Merlin made around him. He didn't say I love you and didn't say Sorry either but he meant both.

"You could gag him with it next time he goes off on you during one of his spiels," Gwaine said as he stood from the chair. "It'd be good for him. It'd be good for you, too, before you hold a sword to his chest."

Merlin nodded and Arthur flushed when Gwaine just laughed in reply and moved behind Merlin. He dragged Merlin's trousers down and knelt behind him, and while Arthur couldn't see anything, he felt every moan, every tightening of Merlin's lips around his balls.

"Suck him good, would you, Merlin? He's your King," Gwaine said and guided Arthur's cock between Merlin’s lips. Merlin sucked him in just like that, if anything he pressed a little closer as Gwaine leaned in, hands on Merlin's arse. Merlin slurped on Arthur's cock, nose pressed into Arthur's curly hair, and Arthur wondered how he was breathing through it all. Gwaine moved, pushed and Merlin was choking, coughing, then caught himself around Arthur's cock. Gwaine's smug grin and the motion of his arm told Arthur all he needed to know about Gwaine's fingers deep in Merlin's arse.

Merlin's face was flushed, sweaty and stained with Gwaine's juices, but when he opened his eyes to look at Arthur, just look at him with quiet, open eyes, it was the most beautiful and grounding moment.

"You'll take it all, won't you, Merlin?" Gwaine said.

Merlin nodded and reached up, fitting first one, then both of Arthur's balls into his mouth alongside Arthur's cock, lips stretched thin and tongue pressed against them, compressing all of Arthur's sex into tight, tight heat.

"There's a lad." Gwaine chuckled, fisted his cock once and then pushed up close to Merlin, pushed inside by the sounds Merlin was making. He didn't let up, only pushed in and closer and until Merlin's arse was snug with his hips. Merlin was shaking between them, shirt wet on his back, fingers white on the stones. "You're being so good," Gwaine said as he pulled away with a wet smacking sound, then thrust in again, pushing Merlin against Arthur who did his best not to fall flat on his arse with it.

"Suck," Arthur said when Gwaine's voice gave way to pants, his focus on his cock going into Merlin's arse. Merlin strained to look up, then just closed his eyes again and tightened his lips around Arthur's cock and balls, sucked, made Arthur slam his hips forward to force himself deeper. Gwaine moaned, laughed and moaned again as he ground his cock into Merlin's arse in return.

They lost themselves in it, the push and pull of their bodies, acting and reacting to every nuanced shove that pressed them against one another. Arthur tried to trap his moans inside his chest, knowing they'd be heard outside the door, the slap of their bodies, Gwaine's hand coming down on Merlin's arse which made Merlin yelp around Arthur's cock, the whine Arthur couldn't quite contain.

Gwaine looked up eventually, buried to the hilt in Merlin's arse and pushed at Arthur's thigh, urging him back until his cock and balls, red and stringing spit from Merlin's lips, popped from Merlin's mouth and hung heavy between his thighs.

"You'll love this," Gwaine whispered to Merlin, hissed it into his ear, really, as he pushed Merlin's sweaty hair from his forehead, then slowly drew Merlin back by his shoulders as Gwaine shifted off his knees to sit, then lie on the stones, Merlin kneeling astride him. "Lie back," Gwaine said and helped, arranged Merlin just like that until Merlin was laid open, knees wide, Gwaine's arms hooked around them, atop Gwaine.

Merlin was trembling, whimpering, cock rock hard with wetness smearing from the cock head to his thigh and stomach. Gwaine's balls were pressed to the curve of Merlin's ass, his cock inside Merlin somehow, stretching his hole wide. Gwaine reached around, tracing his fingertips around the oily wetness of Merlin's opening then placed a finger alongside his cock and prodded at Merlin's hole, leaning in to whisper into Merlin's ear when Merlin went stiff, mouth open on a cry. Gwaine didn't let up, fingertip pushing until Merlin's hole gave and opened, and Gwaine slid his finger in alongside his cock.

Arthur palmed himself, rubbing the ball of his thumb along his length as Gwaine fucked Merlin with his finger, thrusting up only every now and then, making Merlin shake anew every time. One finger became two, then three, squelching, Merlin's hole stretched wide when Gwaine pushed his knuckles past the ring of muscle and held them there.

"Squeeze down on me," Arthur heard Gwaine say and Merlin made these sounds high in his throat, but Arthur could see him squeeze around Gwaine's cock and fingers, making them both moan.

"You know he wants you," Gwaine said, looking at Arthur and at Arthur's dick in Arthur's hand, then nodding down towards Merlin's arse where his fingers were fucking into Merlin in a hard rhythm, pushing in as far as possible.

Arthur stepped in closer, still wearing his coat, his trousers around his knees, and knelt down in the V of their legs, pushing close until he could feel their heat on his skin. Gwaine closed his legs a little, trapping him between strong thighs.

"You're a fucking bastard sometimes," he said, twisting his fingers in Merlin's arse. Merlin's cock jumped, leaking and hard and ready to shoot with just another touch to it, Arthur fathomed, so close to it.

Arthur nodded, the apologies on his lips and he rarely let them slip past, preferred to keep the cards closer to his chest except when he couldn't. And he couldn't with Merlin like this and Gwaine enough of a meddling fool to lay Merlin out for him, needy and begging for it, body arching up to Arthur's touch when Arthur kissed his thighs, his bare stomach, dragged his lips along the line of Merlin's cock.

"He'll feel you like this," Gwaine said, unapologetic and without pity, and Arthur just gave a sharp nod and pushed in closer. Gwaine pulled his fingers from Merlin's hole, making it gape for just a moment until Arthur guided the tip of his cock to the space just above Gwaine's dick and pushed inside.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," Merlin muttered, knuckles white where his fingers were curled into Arthur's coat. Merlin was so hot inside, blindingly, overwhelmingly hot and wet and pulsing in a tight ring around the base of Arthur's cock. Arthur could never get deep enough, big enough on his own, but to see Merlin undone like this made Gwaine's scraggly-haired face behind him worth looking at as Arthur stilled and breathed through Merlin's heartbeat.

"Fucking move it," Gwaine ground out and moved his hips up, shifting Merlin.

Arthur fucked into Merlin himself to keep from slipping out, leaning forward above the two of them for better balance. He found Merlin's lips like that, the open, reddened, puffy lips, breath panting out on every exhale, his tongue dry but Arthur pressed his own inside anyway, taking what Merlin was giving and taking what was his to take, with him the King and Merlin his subject, giving it all up.

"Possessive little git," Gwaine said but Arthur barely heard him over the heat of the arousal.

Merlin's mewled and whined when Arthur thrust, then thrust harder, slamming his hips against Merlin's arse, his balls slapping against Gwaine's, Merlin's balls and cock caught between their stomachs.

"You come to me next time," Arthur said, voice deep and barely his own. "You come to me and you ask before you go off and you don't just fucking leave in the middle of the night." He ground his cock into Merlin's hole, just listening to him take it and nod and babble stupid promises that made Arthur believe there were no walls between them. "You'll come and you'll ask and maybe I'll let you have this if you're good. You'll be good, won't you, Merlin?" He paused, leaned in closer. "I'll try to be better," he whispered to keep it just between them. A better king, a better man, a better lover.

Merlin nodded, crying, face tear-stained and cock stained and flushed, and Arthur reached between them and closed his fingers around Merlin's cock, jerking him in time to their thrusts into Merlin's hole. Merlin spilled, quietly, come dripping from his cock and running over Arthur’s fingers and Arthur milked him through it, through the pulsing clenches of his hole that made Gwaine growl, shout, then spill in turn. Arthur then leaned up further, threaded his come-stained fingers through Merlin's hair and pulled him up for a kiss as he rutted into his arse, biting at his lips. He pushed in as deep as he could get once, twice, then stilled and came in Merlin's arse, pumping his come into him with hard, grinding thrusts, sliding his cock over Gwaine's feeling both him and Merlin shudder but take it, so open for him.

"Fuck," Gwaine said as Arthur panted against Merlin's cheek, cock still buried, hips still twitching with it, but utterly spent, utterly too sensitive to stay there for long. His clothes were clinging to his body, the trousers around his thighs, the heavy coat, the boots.

Outside the door, Arthur heard Percival laugh, and Gwaine had the audacity to snigger, until Merlin clenched his hole around their softening cocks and he quieted, let them have this moment as uncomfortable as it was on the stones, their bodies covered in cooling sweat.

"Promise you'll ask," Arthur said not daring to look at Merlin lest he'd see all the walls and the secrets, trusting they could have this at least despite everything else. "That you'll tell me at least."

"Yes," Merlin said, voice hoarse, lips rough and hot against Arthur's cheek in turn.

Arthur nodded, took a deep breath and nodded again.

"My pleasure, your highness," Gwaine quipped. Merlin chuckled and Arthur tried for a reprimand fitting for this but he was still balls deep in Merlin's arse and nothing really fit that. Not yet. Maybe in time, though.
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