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Title: Stay
Pairing/Characters: Supernatural RPF, Jensen/dog, Jensen/Jared
Rating: NC-17
Length: 5700 words
Contains: bestiality
Summary: Cosmo was the single most important being in Jensen's life, and yeah, it was a bit of a secret until it wasn't.
Notes: Written and posted originally in reply to this prompt on [ profile] spnkink_meme

"Stay," Jensen said, enunciating the command clearly and slid his hand from the harness across his dog's back to his head, rubbing behind his ears. He smiled when Cosmo licked around his fingers and gave a low whine and restless shake, but stayed calm when Jensen fitted the key into the lock and only barked when Jensen's mobile rang.

"Quiet," Jensen said as he pushed the door open and pulled the mobile from his pocket, dropping his bag just inside the doorway. "Yes?" he said as he crouched down next to Cosmo and pulled the harness off his back and set it next to the door. Cosmo pushed close, paws on either side of Jensen's knees and nosed at his crotch, panting warm and damp and Jensen had to fight to keep his balance and some consideration for his neighbors potentially watching as he pushed Cosmo away and straightened up. "Go, boy," he whispered to Cosmo with another pet to his flanks and the clicking of nails took off down the hallway after another moment's hesitation and whine.

"I'm just calling to make sure you made it okay."

"I just walked in, Mom." Jensen rolled his eyes as he pushed the door closed behind him and leaned against it, exhaling slowly. He curled his fingers across his crotch, smiling at the slobber Cosmo had left in the five-second hello but pushed into his grip just a little before he let go, remembering his mother on the phone with an aborted sigh and a thump of his head to the door. He hadn't had this in two weeks and it was hard to wait the extra minutes.

The mid-morning sunshine of glistening LA turned the world a medium gray around him. Cosmo gave a few excited barks. "Cos?" Jensen called but Cosmo fell quiet and soon after lapped up water in the kitchen. The fridge hummed low. The A/C sent cool air over his bare arms, prickling his sweat-damp skink. "The flight was fine, Cosmo was good." As if on command the clicking sounded from the kitchen again and Cosmo pushed his snout to Jensen's thigh and groin.

Jensen's breath caught, briefly, fingers curling into Cosmo's fur as he kept him there, fingers stroking over his head encouragingly.

"You know I worry," his mom said and Jensen gave an aborted reply as he spread his legs, Cosmo's long snout pushing at his balls. "Jensen?"

"Go, boy, fetch me Squeaky," Jensen said when he pushed Cosmo away and pressed his palm to his half-hard cock once more. "I'm fine, Mom, made it home, Jared's set out water for Cosmo so there's probably food in the fridge, too. Don't worry about me." The squeak of the toy sounded deeper in the flat, a few excited growls of Cosmo playing by himself and Jensen smiled. "I'll have to play with Cosmo for a while, he's all riled up from the flight." The innuendo made Jensen flush into sweat, his prick twitch in his pants, but his mom only replied cheerily, admonished him to call, then hung up. Visiting his parents was nice, but exhausting, and he'd relish being in his own space and own routines again, in all of them.

Cosmo woofed out in the kitchen.

"You feel like some lunch, boy? Food?"

Cosmo gave an excited bark and ran towards him, danced around him with excited pants until Jensen started towards the kitchen and Cosmo fell into a well-practiced heel.

"Let's see what Jared's left for us, huh?"

Jensen opened the fridge door, skin prickling to goosebumps in the cool air, and traced his fingertips over the first shelf, vegetables on the left, fruit on the right, some tomatoes, some apples. Down one shelf he felt a plastic pack. Cosmo pushed his snout at the back of Jensen's thigh, then between his thighs, bumping hard enough against Jensen's balls that Jensen couldn't help the moan, couldn't help reaching down either and cradling his crotch while Cosmo lapped at his fingertips.

"Down, boy," Jensen said, fingers tight on the plastic shell of something, but his voice didn't have enough conviction to win against Cosmo's whine. "Down," Jensen repeated, firmer, and Cosmo sounded pitiful but retreated, and Jensen pulled his hand from between his legs feeling about as pitiful as Cosmo sounded. Jensen felt for the Braille description. Beef and chicken and one shelf lower the ground beef for Cosmo. "Hungry, boy?"

Cosmo whimpered and Jensen took the beef and reached for the first drawer on the right, grabbing a knife from the left. He opened the pack with a sure slice, then turned, took three steps and knelt down. "Stay," he told Cosmo and kept him away with his arm as he felt for the bowl on the tiles and scooped the meat into it. "And go," he said as he straightened again and grinned at Cosmo's happy wolfing down sounds. He put the rest of the beef back into the fridge and took one of the apples for himself. He bit into it, leaning against the counter and listened to the quiet sounds of the flat, Cosmo eating.

"Think we want to go for a run later?" Jensen asked, longing to stretch his muscles after the flight and he was familiar enough with the neighbourhood that he could keep Cosmo on the leash only. Cosmo gave an excited bark before lapping up water loudly, giving a few more satisfied sounds. Apple juice ran down Jensen's palm and he sucked it up before he took another bite. He could imagine Cosmo's tongue as it chased the last bit of beef, then dipped into the water again, tongue long as it curled into the curve of the bowl.

He felt depraved for not lasting five minutes in his own place without thinking about tongue and sounds and heat and dropping to his knees, and he startled when Cosmo curled at his feet, nosing at his ankle before he dropped his head to Jensen's socked feet. He breathed, stomach expanding against Jensen's shins and drawing away again, heart beating, being alive.

"Hey boy," Jensen said as he slid to sit on the kitchen floor with his back to the counter. Cosmo gave a happy yip and shifted as Jensen straightened his legs, lying across them, body hot, panting over Jensen's crotch. Jensen hesitated a moment, propriety or some pretense of it, then popped the buttons on his jeans, folding the fly apart and Cosmo warm breath sank through his briefs and Jensen jerked his hips up, near involuntarily. Cosmo licked at Jensen's fingers, lapping up the apple juice and then whatever he was tasting on Jensen's skin, then dragged his tongue over Jensen's brief-covered crotch, once and twice and his saliva soaked through the fabric to Jensen's straining cock.

"Damn, boy," Jensen muttered and sank lower against the counter, keeping his hands at his sides as he gave Cosmo better access. Cosmo whined and shifted, paw landing squarely across Jensen's crotch, then on his hand as he pushed his nose into Jensen's open fly, snuffling and panting and licking at him, and Jensen pushed his hips up into the contact, dropping his head to the counter. Cosmo nosed at the line of his harderning cock, paws dancing over Jensen's stretched legs.

"Missed you," Jensen said as he curled his fingers lossely into the scruff of Cosmo's neck, down his back and sides to Cosmo'ss belly. Cosmo whined, pushed closer to Jensen and Jensen brushed the back of his hand over Cosmo's dick. Hard and hot and already damp with fluid, Cosmo pushed it at Jensen's hand.

Time at his parents' had meant nothing but a bit of petting, leaving them both frustrated and continously wanting, but he couldn't, not in his mother's house, and now Jensen thought Cosmo must be smelling the stink of lust on him, how wet he was for his dog.

"Run or...," Jensen began but Cosmo mouthed at his crotch, tongue lolling, scraped his teeth over the denim and there was little question there. "Bed," Jensen said and pushed himself to his feet. He pressed his hand to his crotch to do up his fly, but Cosmo brushed his hand away and kept pushing at his crotch instead until Jensen stilled and let him, spread his legs for him. "Let me get to the bedroom, at least." Jensen sounded hoarse and pleading to his own ears as he felt for the kitchen counter to steady and orient himself, then pushed past Cosmo, laughing when a series of fast squeaks rang through the flat. "I'm just another of your playtoys, huh?"

Jensen walked to the bedroom and picked his bag up from inside the front door, familiar enough with his own flat after a year of living there that he didn't need to count steps or feel his way around corners. The last step forward, he reached for the door handle and pushed the bedroom door open, dumped his bag to the side of the bed and sat on the bed for a moment before he let himself drop back onto the mattress, arms stretched out over his head, the duvet cool against his skin, and feet on the floor. He stretched the fly of his jeans open again and just rested his hand on his crotch, rubbing his thumb along the line of his cock as he rolled his hips into the touch.

He could spend the day inside, no work until tomorrow, just him and Cosmo and the bed. Jensen canted his hips up and forced his hand deeper until his fingertips brushed over his hole, thin underwear damp and clinging. He rubbed his middle finger in a small circle over his pucker, the palm of his hand pressed hard to his crotch.

Cosmo gave a row of excited barks in the living room, probably seeing something exciting outside the window.

"Cut it out," Jensen called. Squeaky sounded once, then the click of nails on the floor padded along the corridor and the bedroom door gave the customary squeak as Cosmo pushed it open.

"No," Jensen said and laughed when Cosmo gave a whine. "Not yet," he added. He pulled his hand from his jeans and sat up, rubbed his fingers around Cosmo's ears, along his snout and down his back when Cosmo pushed against his leg and arched into the touch. "You did good today, boy," Jensen whispered as he leaned down and grinned when Cosmo's tongue swiped over his mouth. He pressed a kiss to the top of Cosmo's head, then leaned further down and opened his mouth to Cosmo's tongue. Jensen stuck out his own tongue and Cosmo licked into his mouth, tongue swiping over Jensen teeth and roof of his mouth, over his tongue and Cosmo's hot breath fanned out over his face. Cosmo growled low in his throat when Jensen made to pull away and so Jensen stayed, open-mouthed, drool collecting on his lips that Cosmo licked up and replaced with his own saliva.

Cosmo swiped his tongue over Jensen's face, his chin down his collar bone and gave a sharp bark at Jensen before he pushed his nose at Jensen's chest and wriggled between his spread thighs.

"Getting there, boy," Jensen said as he spread his thighs to accommodate Cosmo, his bulk forcing Jensen's legs wide and Jensen couldn't help the small thrust of his hips upwards or the moan on his lips. Cosmo pushed his front paws to Jensen's stomach, standing on his hind legs as he pressed Jensen flat to the bed. Pressed to the bed, Jensen felt owned and loved and happy, and he let out a laugh that Cosmo answered with a bark.

Jensen reached for the hem of his shirt and made to pull it up but Cosmo's paws didn't budge.

Cosmo humped Jensen's thigh with sharp jabs of his hips and Jensen let him, relishing the warm breath across his skin, the sharp contrast to the coolness of the room. "Let me," he said eventually, near begging. "Please," escaped him as he fumbled for Cosmo's neck, his collar. A small pull and Cosmo was on the bed, mattress depressing, hips immediately looking for contact again as he nosed at Jensen's neck.

"Settle, boy," Jensen said, low and imploring and Cosmo whined but settled when Jensen's fingers carded through his fur and rolled him to the side. "I'll make you feel good, promise," Jensen whispered over Cosmo'ss whines. Jensen buried his face, nose and lips and all in Cosmo fur as he rolled to his side, curling close as he shoved one hand down between them and into his briefs, palming his cock, and just inhaled and exhaled against Cosmo. He was thrumming with the beat of Cosmo's heart under his cheek, the movement of his chest. He ground his crotch against the palm of his hand, pressing stupid, pathetic kisses to Cosmo's chest like the dog gave a care past the sharp jerks of his hips into the air.

"You make me feel good," Jensen whispered to Cosmo's fur, wishing he could see the lolling tongue and hard prick. He only had his lips and fingers for the pale imitation.

Jensen rubbed his fingers down Cosmo's belly and up again, shoving the fur up before he smoothed it down again with his cheek and his nose, inhaling Cosmo's dog smell and pressing a kiss to the warm, warm skin. Jensen slid his fingers higher, over Cosmo's collar, and then Cosmo bathed his fingers with his tongue, rubbing between and curling around and slicking up his palm.

Cosmo panted and whined and moved on the mattress, and nothing else existed around Jensen just then as he left his fingers caught by Cosmo's tongue and moved his face down and down, never losing contact with Cosmo fur, until the wet tip of Cosmo's prick smeared over his cheek. "You're so wet already," Jensen murmured and turned his face. He didn't have his sight, he only had this and so he stretched out his tongue and curled it slowly around the tip of Cosmo's dick. The whine was all his when Cosmo jerked his hips away and back and Jensen's fingers futilely grasped for something to hold Cosmo to him, paw or back or something as he searched for the prick again, open-mouthed, tongue-extended. "Come on, boy," Jensen said, and his heart jolted in his chest when he found Cosmo's prick again. He pressed his own dick to the mattress, humping for contact and friction, while sucking on Cosmo's hot, wet prick as Cosmo jerked his hips forward and forced his prick into Jensen's mouth, hitting the back of Jensen's throat hard enough to make him cough.

"Steady," Jensen said when he pulled back

Cosmo gave a series of hard barks, then shoved up until Jensen fell back. He nipped his teeth at Jensen's fingers, and pistoned his prick into Jensen's mouth, standing over him, paws treading from mattress to Jensen's thigh, his balls and the mattress again, as he was looking for the right stance, never letting up. Jensen curled his fingers around Cosmo's back, then let them slide to his belly again for scratches until he just dropped it to the side and let Cosmo take and give. The cool air from the A/C drifted over his skin with the movement, making his nipples tighten instantly, arousal following on its heels when Cosmo's paws pushed the shirt up Jensen's chest, laying him bare.

Jensen kept his tongue stretched out, choking on his own drool and Cosmo's wetness and he cradled his own rock-hard dick, flushing hot at the sounds in his throat layering over Cosmo's excited pants: the whines and moans and the aborted pleases and hoarse encouragements. Jensen pushed his hips up into his own touch in time with Cosmo's movements, hand and briefs wet with precome, wet for his own fucking dog.

Jensen pulled off and turned his face as he canted his hips up to push at his jeans and briefs. "Need you," he said.

Cosmo's prick was brushing wetness all over Jensen's cheek, the tip poking against his throat, sliding into the neck of his shirt and smearing wetness everywhere. Jensen was stinking of dog and it made him even harder.

"Let me- Need you-" Jensen pushed out as he tore at his jeans, legs struggling to get them off and Cosmo moved then, turning, tail hitting Jensen in the face until he turned his head, and the wet, warm tongue slobbered over his cock and hand and balls while his feet were still caught in the jeans. "Just let me- need-" Jensen said, voice catching because it sounded strange out loud and wrong and he gave a laugh while his heart caught on what he was doing, again, and had been doing, but then he got his jeans off and spread his legs and Cosmo's tongue was right there, lapping at the sweat between his thighs, down the crack of his ass. Jensen pushed feet up, lifted his junk out of the way and Cosmo dragged his tongue down, chasing taste or smell.

Jensen tried to push up on his elbows, tracing his fingers up Cosmo's leg to find his prick again, but Cosmo nipped at his thigh when he moved, growled and only quietened when Jensen opened his legs again.

At the foot of the mattress, Cosmo did something because the bed dipped slightly and Jensen moved his hand not rubbing at his cock up Cosmo's body, as far as he could reach without moving, whispering something, when fingers slid between his cheeks and spread them. Cosmo tongue brushed deeper immediately, dragging across his hole once, twice and Jensen groaned before he could do anything else, before he could say what the fuck and scramble away and then a hand had clamped on his hip, pushing him to the mattress.

"Shhh," someone said while Cosmo tried to drill his tongue into Jensen's hole. "Just let him eat your boypussy," the voice said.

Cold shock ran over Jensen's body. He went stock still, frozen, fingers clamped over his cock and in the sheets and he tried to sit up again when his mouth went dry, but the hand on his hip kept him down. "Jared-" Jensen squeezed out and he wanted to follow it up with 'not what it looks like' and he wanted to crawl under the covers and never come out again and-

"You just spread your legs, Jen," Jared said, voice low and raspy and Jensen did. Jared grasped one leg by the knee and pulled it up and Jensen let him, turned his face to the pillow and fought the tears of shame and fucking arousal, when Cosmo's tongue slathered through his crack from balls to back, tonguing his hole and getting it wet and sloppy and open for his prick.


"I've watched you," Jared said. The mattress depressed next to Jensen and chest and arm and utter body heat slid close, rough flannel and jeans against Jensen's half-undressed body. "I didn't think you'd be back that early," Jared continued and pushed so close until his breath brushed over the short hair at the nape of Jensen's neck and curled into his ear. "Then you were on the phone and I didn't want to interrupt and then you and Cosmo..." Jared's soft laugh rumbled through his chest and vibrated into Jensen's. His hips moved up towards Cosmo's tongue now. "You just let him, Jensen. At the door and the kitchen. Open up." Jensen opened his mouth and the wet tip of Cosmo's prick painted over his lips, Cosmo paws moving unsteadily to either side of Jensen as he jerked and pushed his prick into Jensen's mouth until Jensen could feel Jared's fingers holding it around the middle. "You're a slut for dog dick, Jen," Jared said, voice so soft, and Jensen closed his lips around Cosmo's dick and sucked and it was only Cosmo and it was only him and his own cock was still hard in his hand.

Jared's fingers disappeared from his lips but were still curled around the back of his thigh, holding him open for Cosmo's searching tongue. Jared's breath punched out loud next to Jensen but he didn't feel it anymore, only heard it, as Cosmo pistoned his prick in and out of Jensen's mouth.

"You do this often?" Jared asked, laughed when Jensen tried to answer but Cosmo's prick cut off his air, jamming hard against the back of his throat to make him splutter. "Being owned by your dog? Being fucked? You let him push his prick into your hole, Jensen?"

Jensen's heart wanted to thump out of his chest. Cosmo trotted forward, his prick slipping from Jensen's lips even as he tried to chase after it, leaving him open-mouthed and his chin wet with his spit and Cosmo's wetness.

"You let him fuck you, Jen?" Jared asked again. "Beg him to give it to you?"

Cosmo paws landed just to the side of Jensen's hips, dancing around him, Cosmo's snout and tongue pushing between Jensen's legs.

"I'm not-" Jensen tried, turning his face towards Jared's, fingers searching for Jared's body just for a touch, a connection, something to anchor him. Jared's fingers closed around his wrist and pressed his hand to the sheets instead. "I'm-"

"...begging to be fucked," Jared said, voice low as his breath brushed over Jensen's face. "Never would have thought. You- hard and leaking for your dog's prick."

Cosmo's paw brushed over Jensen's cock as he turned once more at the foot of the bed and Jensen arched up.

"Not what it seems," Jensen whispered as slurping sounds came from his ass, the hot and wet tongue dragging over and around his hole, pushing him to give it up.

"It's exactly what it seems." The Jared was up and moving, too, whispering, "Good boy," to Cosmo and, "Can't wait to stuff his ass, can you?" as he scraped his nails up the back of Jensen's thigh, sensitizing him further to the cool air conditioned air. Jensen moved to cover his crotch immediately but Jared pinned his wrist to his side again, then was gone, the mattress lifting from the weight.

Cosmo dragged his tongue over Jensen's cock and balls, then nosed at his crack, insistent and growling in his throat. "I can't." Because Jared was there somewhere, thinking god knows what, watching him. Jensen turned to his side, fingers sliding over the mattress in search of any indication of where Jared had gone even though he knew he wasn't on the bed.

"Jared?" Jensen said, turning his face this way and that, listening into the room for any sign of Jared, anything. "Jared?" Jensen repeated while Cosmo whined and whimpered and pushed between his legs, while his own cock pulsed hard against his thigh. "I- this isn't- ... I-" Jensen tried, unsure what he was trying to say just that he couldn't, and then that he couldn't not, when Cosmo's tongue swiped over his cock and Jensen reached down and squeezed himself and hung his head as he turned slowly over onto his stomach.

Faint somewhere, someone breathing, the shift of fabric, and "Good boy," and Jensen buried his face in his elbow as he slid to lie flat on the bed, his body pulsing with arousal at Jared's voice from somewhere behind him.

Cosmo nudged at the back of Jensen's thighs, pushed his nose between them against Jensen's balls. Jensen brought his knees up under him, raising his ass to the air as he closed his fingers around his cock, jerking himself slowly as Cosmo attacked his hole, slobbering over it.

"Good boy," Jensen whispered into the pillow, into his elbow against the rush of shame of Jared there, watching, watching his dog prepare to fuck Jensen. Cosmo went on his hind legs, front paws scratching over Jensen's back as he looked for hold. "Wait!" Jensen choked out when Cosmo's prick poked blindly at his hole, jabbing against the curve and swell of his ass, just looking to push in and fuck.

Jensen slid his fingers from his cock back and scooped Cosmo's saliva and wetness up with two fingers, then pushed it into himself. He groaned as he fucked up on his own fingers. "Wait," he choked out again at Cosmo's growl and impatient thrusts, Cosmo's teeth on Jensen's arm, nipping warningly. "Just-" Jensen pleaded, as he spread his fingers wide, his breath catching on the burn as he forced a third inside.

He was barely stretched and barely wet, but Cosmo's prick kept jabbing at his hand until Jensen slid his fingers from his hole and wrapped them around his dog's prick. He jerked Cosmo once, fingers sliding on the wet skin, then Cosmo's prick found Jensen's small little hole and pushed inside. Cosmo forced his prick past the tight muscle all the way in as his front paws scrabbled over Jensen's back, pushing up his shirt until sharp nails scratched up his skin.

"Fuck me," Jensen moaned into the pillow, hand back on his cock as he jerked himself and Cosmo pounded into him, hard and deep, and just took him, every thrust forcing Jensen higher on the bed until only his arm blanketed his head from crashing into the headboard with every push and pull.

"You're giving it all up, aren't you, Jensen? You were made to take this." Jared sounded turned-on, hot, the slick sound of wet slaps underneath it all. He walked closer, steps ending next to the bed headboard. "He's fucking you open, Jen. Pushing his fat, long doggie dick into your sweet pussy."

Cosmo panted into Jensen's neck with the pistoning thrusts. His prick stretched Jensen's inner walls, hardly any prep, only Cosmo's wetness to ease the way and it hurt and it was good and Jensen loved it, loved having it.

Jared's fingers combed through his hair, and Jensen shuddered with the sensation, tried to resist when Jared turned his face to him, traced his fingers over Jensen's brows and nose and drool-slick lips. "You're his bitch, Jen," Jared whispered. Clothes rustled as Jared moved. "Good boy," Jared said, laughing, and Cosmo whined with the low thump of pats to his flanks. "Make him your bitch, boy. Look at him all spread out. He can't help himself, just wants your dick all the time."

Jensen pushed back on Cosmo's dick and Cosmo whimpered and curled tighter around him, increasing the speed of his thrusts.

"You bend over for him like a good little bitch every day? I bet you roll over for him in the morning so he can get a nice little fuck in to wake up. He'll shoot you up with his doggie come, Jen."

Jensen squeezed his fingers around his cock, then around his balls, the edge of pain keeping him from shooting just yet, just from Jared's words. He was leaking precome all over his hand and the sheet below, his thighs wet with sweat and his skin burned where sweat ran into the welts of Cosmo's nails.

"You always take the knot, Jen?" Jared's voice was so close again, on the other side of Jensen now, but his lips brushed Jensen's ear. "Your hole is getting loose and soppy with the fucking, all used up by doggie dick." Jensen's fingers tightened on his cock and pulled harder, forcing himself. Cosmo didn't even pull all the way out anymore, only jabbed at the tightness deep in Jensen's channel, burning hot inside of him. "Pink little hole forced wide and wet. He's gonna force the knot in and shoot you up with his spunk."

Cosmo whined as if taking it for a command and Jensen's breath caught in his throat in the same moment. Jared was breathing in his ear, hot and loud and damp as he did nothing, only breathed in and out. "Here he goes," Jared whispered as Jensen felt the pressure at his stretched rim, Cosmo's frantic mewling as he shifted his weight, put more of it into the thrusts and then just pushed and forced his knot to pop past the muscle, crashing Jensen up tight against the headboard as he came and came, hot spunk flooding Jensen's insides. Jensen's hole pulsed around Cosmo's dick in time to his heart, and he drew in a shaky breath that sounded more like a sob to his own ears, and another, when the knot pushed deeper into him and Jensen barely managed to draw enough air into his lungs amidst the noises he was making, his throat sounding wet and tight.

"You took it so well," Jared said as Cosmo let out a long whine and continued fucking Jensen, prick sloshing in the come inside Jensen's ass. Jensen's ass squelched with the movements. Jensen felt his ass squeeze around Cosmo's prick with every pull on his own cock, every jerk of his own hips into his hand. "You're going to come on his dick, Jensen. Spray your load while your dog's fucking you up the ass."

Jensen felt the tears prick at his eyes as he turned his face further into the pillows, swallowing the sob when Jared's fingers traced the heat of his face, then down to his shoulder and arm where his muscles were burning from jerking himself and to the curve of his ass, squeezing his fingers between Cosmo and him and fingering the rim of his hole stretched around Cosmo's prick.

"Come on, Jen, milk him," Jared said, rubbing his finger around Jensen's hole, digging into the sore skin. "Come all over your bed with your dog's dick in your ass. Feel good? Do you stuff yourself full with your fingers at night when Cosmo is busy playing, thinking it's his dick?"

Cosmo whined and panted and was still fucking him with hard jerks, and Jensen pulled on his cock, pushing as far into his hand as he could, shoulders pressing to the headboard.

"Can't live without it, Jen, can you? Makes you come so fucking hard."

Jensen groaned as he came, moist breath and wet sounds in his throat and the whimpers that followed on the heels of the first moan as he stripped his cock, fingers sliding in the come as he squeezed himself from base to tip. His moans turned into sobs he couldn't help as his body jerked with his orgasm and Cosmo gave a few last thrusts, then collapsed on Jensen's back, heart beating out through his ribcage, so hot and heavy on Jensen's sweat-damp back.

Jensen's legs shook. Fingers still around his cock, the last shocks of his orgasm shaking through him, he tried his best to hold himself up, body thrumming with exhaustion.

"Keep his come inside you," Jared said, impossibly close, lips brushing over Jensen's ear, voice sueezing between Cosmo's pants and the drool slicking down Jensen's cheek and his own choking breath. "All hot and wet inside your ass."

Jensen turned his face towards Jared's voice, searching for something, but Jared just turned his face back into the pillow, stroked a hand down Jensen's trembling legs. Cosmo whined and brought his paws under him again and shuffled and turned, the knot pulling at Jensen's hole. Jensen reached behind him with come covered fingers, shuffling backwards with Cosmo's movements, and pressed his fingers to the rim of his hole, trying to keep the knot from pulling harder at him, but even so it hurt with every shift of Cosmo getting comfortable and dragging Jensen off his knees to lie flat on the bed, legs awkwardly under him as they were joined ass to ass. Cosmo shifted again and the wet sounds of him licking at himself made Jensen shudder again.

Jared's fingers slid over Jensen's still pressed to his hole, slicking through the come and rubbing it into the rim. "You're full of surprises," Jared said and settled, flannel and jeans brushing against Jensen's naked skin. Jensen's t-shirt was pushed up to his armpits and Jared's hand traced lines over his back, dipping into scratches and following the knobs of his spine. "I thought it was just the whole you being blind and trusting your dog deal. I thought that's why you're so... close." Jared rubbed his face against the nape of Jensen's neck, then reached up and rubbed at the drool on Jensen's chin, his own saliva and Cosmo's and wetness from Cosmo's cock. Jared smeared it over Jensen's lips and Jensen stuck out his tongue and let him rub his fingers off there. His heart clenched in his chest, he shivered and it was too much, too close, but Jared didn't move away and Cosmo just shuffled every now and then but otherwise lay quiet.

"I-" Jensen started, voice hoarse and trying and he shuddered when his voice caught on tears again and he didn't want to cry dammit. "It's-"

"Shh, just feel his come inside you. Clench down." Jensen did and Jared chuckled. "You take it so well. You were born to be his bitch, Jensen, and you're so hot at it."

"I love him," Jensen said eventually in a rush and all one breath and then turned his face into the pillows. His ass pulsed around Cosmo's dick, every heartbeat sending a new thrum of sensation through his body.

"Yeah," Jared said. "I think he knows."

And when Cosmo's knot had softened enough and he pulled out and away, nails clicking into the flat and the sound of Squeaky filling the silence a moment later, Jared pushed three fingers into Jensen's ass. "Shhh, I know you need it."

Jensen's fingers seek out Jared's wrist and clamp around it, keeping it just there, then he half turned and reached up until his fingertips touched Jared's shoulder. He drew his fingers up Jared neck and to his face, spunk-covered tips moving over brows and eyelids and the lines of his face, the tilt of his mouth.

Jared smiled under his fingers.

Cosmo's nails clicked across the floor, then the mattress dipped and a wet tongue laved over Jensen's face before Cosmo settled down, pressing to Jensen's front as Jared was to his back.

"I love him," Jensen said again as he dropped his hand, squeezed on Jared's fingers and curled up, face buried in Cosmo's soft fur, feeling his heartbeat. He fell asleep.
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